Living Safely In Los Angeles Locksmith Guide For Home Security

Living Safely In Los Angeles – Locksmith Guide For Home Security

Los Angeles is a huge, sprawling entity, home to nearly 4 million people within its vaguely defined borders. From the one-percenters in Malibu to immigrants in Koreatown to hippies in Venice, the variety of people and neighborhoods in LA is unmatched by any other city. With such diversity, how do you know what’s safe for you and your home?

L.A home safety by neighborhood

Ranked according to property crimes per 10,000 people, these are the most dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles:

  1. Santa Susana Mountains
  2. Leimert Park
  3. Chesterfield Square
  4. Rancho Dominguez
  5. Fairfax

If you live in these areas, you need to be extra vigilant in protecting your home from burglars and thieves! However, no matter where you live, it’s important to take into account the specific characteristics of your neighborhood when devising a security plan.

Santa Monica: This neighborhood is both one of the highest income areas of LA and a magnet for visitors. With this in mind, be careful to avoid pickpockets when you’re out. Never keep your wallet in your back pocket, and don’t carry valuables in a backpack. For your home, you might consider high security locks, which are resistant to picking and forced entry.

Long Beach: Actually a city onto itself, Long Beach has a gritty reputation, but crime statistics show that it’s not as dangerous as people often think. Nevertheless, be aware of what’s going on in and around your building. Secure your door with a high security lock and deadbolt, and make sure it’s closed at all times. Never open the door for anyone you don’t know and aren’t expecting. If you live on the ground floor, install protective metal window grills.

Downtown: Downtown Los Angeles is the part of the city that really feels like a city, complete with skyscrapers, subways, and luxury high-rises brushing shoulders with crushing urban poverty in Skid Row. Extra precautions are necessary to protect your property here. High tech locks and security systems are a good choice here. Many residential buildings have advanced to keyless access systems, and you should recommend it to your super if yours doesn’t yet. If you’re considering an apartment, check out that it has a working, up-to-date buzzer system.

Silver Lake: Silver Lake and Echo Park are trendy neighborhoods, home to strong a Hispanic population as well as hipsters, well-heeled artists and other indie types. They’re both relatively safe areas, but burglaries, especially vehicle burglaries, are often reported. Get to know your neighbors in these tight communities, so you can keep an eye out for each other. Keep the locks on your doors up to date, install a car alarm, and be careful where you park at night.

The Valley: Most of the San Fernando Valley is more affordable, though the flash of other parts of Los Angeles. Certain neighborhoods are not so safe, especially Canoga Park, Van Nuys, Reseda and Sun Valley. In these areas, you should make sure to have locks and deadbolts on your doors, latches on your windows, and make sure no valuables are visible through the windows.

Consulting with a locksmith in L.A costs money but it can save you a fortune

Of course, each of these areas is hugely varied, and whatever security measures you use have to be decided on with your individual situation in mind. A professional locksmith is the best person to help with these choices, and the experts at 24 Locksmith Los Angeles are available round the clock to provide consultations, residential locksmith services and emergency locksmith assistance.

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