Staying Safe On A Budget In Los Angeles La Locksmith Tips

Staying Safe On A Budget In Los Angeles – LA Locksmith Tips

Last July, after twelve years of decline, the crime rate in Los Angeles started to increase. If you live in LA, you might be wondering, how can I protect my home from burglars and thieves?

There are plenty of sophisticated, high tech security systems available these days, and many people will claim you’re an easy target for burglars if you don’t have the latest model. Honestly, these systems are great but there are plenty of ways to secure your house without breaking the bank. Read on to learn what professional locksmiths recommend.

Low-budget security tips for your house

Here are a few ideas for protecting your house or apartment against burglars, thieves and any unwanted intruders:

  • Be careful with your keys. Any locksmith in Los Angeles will tell you that good key habits can spell the difference between a carefree, crime-free life and coming home to a ruined house one day. Never leave a spare key in an obvious hiding place, like under a doormat or above the doorframe. These are the first places a burglar looks!
  • Hide valuables in plain sight. Many people keep their most important belongings in dresser drawers, under the bed or in the freezer. Again, burglars know this. For small items like jewelry, try hiding them in a soup can, or a DIY safe made out of lamp. Look online for instructions, and get creative!
  • Make friends with your neighbors. Your neighbor, whether in the house next door or the apartment across the hall, is your best ally against thieves and burglars. First of all, it’s a good idea to be familiar with everyone who lives around you, just so you know right away if something suspicious happens. If you and your neighbor are friendly, you can keep an eye on each other’s property. You can leave them a spare key, and ask them to pick up your mail while you’re away.
  • Put security system decals on your window. Can’t afford a fancy alarm system? Buy the warning stickers on eBay and post them on your windows. Chances are, burglars won’t call your bluff.

Cheap car security tips

It’s a cliché that LA is a total car culture, but it comes from truth. Your car is probably a major part of your life, and if it’s attacked, it would be a huge inconvenience as well as costing you a lot. Car theft and vandalism is on the rise in many neighborhoods, but a few simple tricks can keep you safe.

  • Be careful where you park. Obviously this is easier said than done in some places, but try to only leave your car in a well-lit public area, preferably within sight from your window. If you have a garage, keep your car inside overnight, rather than in the driveway.
  • Hide your valuables. Never leave jewelry, electronics or loose cash inside your car, at least not where they can be seen from the outside. That’s just asking for someone to break your windows and grab your expensive stuff.
  • Check your doors and windows. Before you leave your car, double check that the doors are locked and the windows are rolled up. Just make a habit of it and you’ll avoid a lot of trouble. Also, never leave your keys in the ignition when you’re not there, for any reason. You’d be amazed how many cars are stolen this way!
  • Get an anti-theft device. These don’t have to break the bank: ask an automotive locksmith to recommend a good one for your budget. Steering wheel clubs and pedal locks are great deterrents against carjackers.
  • Take notes and pictures of your car. Keep a record of your car’s important information, identifying marks like stickers and scratches, and recent pictures. In the worst-case scenario, if your car is stolen, this will make it easier for the police to identify your car and return it to you.

This should give you a start. However, you can get a lot more ideas if you consult a professional locksmith. 24 Locksmith has a team of experts who can answer all your questions and offer advice. Staying safe doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. At the end of the day, just be careful and use common sense.

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